This GitLab instance reached the end of its service life. It won't be possible to create new users or projects.

Please read the deprecation notice for more information concerning the deprecation timeline

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API V3 to API V4

Since GitLab 9.0, API V4 is the preferred version to be used.

API V3 will be unsupported from GitLab 9.5, to be released on August 22, 2017. It will be removed in GitLab 9.5 or later. In the meantime, we advise you to make any necessary changes to applications that use V3. The V3 API documentation is still available.

Below are the changes made between V3 and V4.


  • Removed GET /projects/:search (use: GET /projects?search=x) !8877
  • iid filter has been removed from GET /projects/:id/issues !8967
  • GET /projects/:id/merge_requests?iid[]=x&iid[]=y array filter has been renamed to iids !8793
  • Endpoints under GET /projects/merge_request/:id have been removed (use: GET /projects/merge_requests/:id) !8793
  • Project snippets do not return deprecated field expires_at !8723
  • Endpoints under GET /projects/:id/keys have been removed (use GET /projects/:id/deploy_keys) !8716


  • Status 409 returned for POST /projects/:id/members when a member already exists !9093
  • Moved DELETE /projects/:id/star to POST /projects/:id/unstar !9328
  • Removed the following deprecated Templates endpoints (these are still accessible with /templates prefix) !8853
    • /licences
    • /licences/:key
    • /gitignores
    • /gitlab_ci_ymls
    • /dockerfiles
    • /gitignores/:key
    • /gitlab_ci_ymls/:key
    • /dockerfiles/:key
  • Moved POST /projects/fork/:id to POST /projects/:id/fork !8940
  • Moved DELETE /todos to POST /todos/mark_as_done and DELETE /todos/:todo_id to POST /todos/:todo_id/mark_as_done !9410
  • Project filters are no longer available as GET /projects/foo, but as GET /projects?foo=true instead !8962
    • GET /projects/visible & GET /projects/all are consolidated into GET /projects and can be used with or without authorization
    • GET /projects/owned moved to GET /projects?owned=true
    • GET /projects/starred moved to GET /projects?starred=true
  • GET /projects returns all projects visible to current user, even if the user is not a member !9674
    • To get projects the user is a member of, use GET /projects?membership=true
  • Return pagination headers for all endpoints that return an array !8606
  • Added POST /environments/:environment_id/stop to stop an environment !8808
  • Removed DELETE /projects/:id/deploy_keys/:key_id/disable. Use DELETE /projects/:id/deploy_keys/:key_id instead !9366
  • Moved PUT /users/:id/(block|unblock) to POST /users/:id/(block|unblock) !9371
  • Make subscription API more RESTful. Use POST /projects/:id/:subscribable_type/:subscribable_id/subscribe to subscribe and POST /projects/:id/:subscribable_type/:subscribable_id/unsubscribe to unsubscribe from a resource. !9325
  • Labels filter on GET /projects/:id/issues and GET /issues now matches only issues containing all labels (i.e.: Logical AND, not OR) !8849
  • Renamed param branch_name to branch on the following endpoints !8936
    • POST /projects/:id/repository/branches
    • POST /projects/:id/repository/commits
    • POST/PUT/DELETE :id/repository/files
  • Renamed the merge_when_build_succeeds parameter to merge_when_pipeline_succeeds on the following endpoints: !9335
    • PUT /projects/:id/merge_requests/:merge_request_id/merge
    • POST /projects/:id/merge_requests/:merge_request_id/cancel_merge_when_pipeline_succeeds
    • POST /projects
    • POST /projects/user/:user_id
    • PUT /projects/:id
  • Renamed branch_name to branch on DELETE /projects/:id/repository/branches/:branch response !8936
  • Remove public param from create and edit actions of projects !8736
  • Remove subscribed field from responses returning list of issues or merge requests. Fetch individual issues or merge requests to obtain the value of subscribed !9661
  • Use visibility as string parameter everywhere !9337
  • Notes do not return deprecated field upvote and downvote !9384
  • Return HTTP status code 400 for all validation errors when creating or updating a member instead of sometimes 422 error. !9523
  • Remove GET /groups/owned. Use GET /groups?owned=true instead !9505
  • Return 202 with JSON body on async removals on V4 API (DELETE /projects/:id/repository/merged_branches and DELETE /projects/:id) !9449
  • GET /projects/:id/milestones?iid[]=x&iid[]=y array filter has been renamed to iids !9096
  • Return basic info about pipeline in GET /projects/:id/pipelines !8875
  • Renamed all build references to job !9463
  • Drop GET /projects/:id/repository/commits/:sha/jobs !9463
  • Rename Build Triggers to be Pipeline Triggers API !9713
    • POST /projects/:id/trigger/builds to POST /projects/:id/trigger/pipeline
    • Require description when creating a new trigger POST /projects/:id/triggers
  • Simplify project payload exposed on Environment endpoints !9675
  • API uses merge request IIDs (internal ID, as in the web UI) rather than IDs. This affects the merge requests, award emoji, todos, and time tracking APIs. !9530
  • API uses issue IIDs (internal ID, as in the web UI) rather than IDs. This affects the issues, award emoji, todos, and time tracking APIs. !9530
  • Change initial page from 0 to 1 on GET /projects/:id/repository/commits (like on the rest of the API) !9679
  • Return correct Link header data for GET /projects/:id/repository/commits !9679
  • Update endpoints for repository files !9637
    • Moved GET /projects/:id/repository/files?file_path=:file_path to GET /projects/:id/repository/files/:file_path (:file_path should be URL-encoded)
    • GET /projects/:id/repository/blobs/:sha now returns JSON attributes for the blob identified by :sha, instead of finding the commit identified by :sha and returning the raw content of the blob in that commit identified by the required ?filepath=:filepath
    • Moved GET /projects/:id/repository/commits/:sha/blob?file_path=:file_path and GET /projects/:id/repository/blobs/:sha?file_path=:file_path to GET /projects/:id/repository/files/:file_path/raw?ref=:sha
    • GET /projects/:id/repository/tree parameter ref_name has been renamed to ref for consistency
  • confirm parameter for POST /users has been deprecated in favor of skip_confirmation parameter