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Commit 3a1c585e by Henrik von Coler

Added the to the wav example documentation!

parent cad81f26
wav_example {#mainpage}
This example introduces the libsndfile
for reading a wav file and playing it
back in a loop. It is able to process
mono and stereo files.
The playback speed (resampling) can be
controlled using OSC. The OSC path
and port are hardcoded in the file
WavExample.cpp and oscman.cpp.
# Libraries
The following libraries are used within this project:
* libsndfile
* liblo
# Usage
The binaray gain_example expects one command
line argument for wav file to read with the
flag '-f':
./gain_example -f ../wav/stereo_sine.wav
\ No newline at end of file
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