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Modus tollens and fallacy of contraposition

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......@@ -231,6 +231,22 @@ proof -
by auto
text \<open>The example is an instance of the fallacy of contraposition from page 35.\<close>
lemma fallacy_of_contraposition:
assumes \<open>\<And> \<phi> \<psi>.
is_true_at (\<phi> \<box>\<rightarrow> \<psi>) w
\<Longrightarrow> is_true_at (~~\<psi> \<box>\<rightarrow> ~~\<phi>) w\<close>
shows \<open>False\<close>
have \<open>is_true_at (Atom Otto \<box>\<rightarrow> ~~(Atom Anna)) w\<close>
using is_true_at.simps party_interpretation_def by simp
from assms[OF this] have \<open>is_true_at (Atom Anna \<box>\<rightarrow> ~~(Atom Otto)) w\<close>
unfolding is_true_at.simps by auto
also have \<open>is_true_at (Atom Anna \<box>\<rightarrow> ~~(Atom Otto)) w = False\<close>
using is_true_at.simps party_interpretation_def by simp
finally show \<open>False\<close> .
subsection \<open>The Limit Assumption (\<section> 1.4)\<close>
......@@ -500,7 +516,6 @@ lemma conditional_collapse_for_actual_antecedent_general_unfold:
\<open>(\<lbrakk>\<phi> \<rightarrow> \<psi>\<rbrakk>w) = \<lbrakk>\<psi>\<rbrakk>w\<close>
using assms conditional_collapse_for_actual_antecedent_general by auto
text \<open>“In short: counterfactuals with true antecedents reduce to material conditionals.” (p. 26)\<close>
lemma counterfactuals_are_material_conditional_for_actual_antecedent:
assumes \<open>\<lbrakk>\<phi>\<rbrakk>w\<close>
......@@ -580,7 +595,13 @@ lemma (in counterfactuals_weakly_centered) weakly_centered_simple_inner_modaliti
unfolding InnerlyNecessary_def Necessary_ext_def would_by_strong_def
by (metis) (auto simp add: weakly_centered_spheres)
lemma (in counterfactuals_weakly_centered) counterfactual_implies_material_conditional:
assumes \<open>\<lbrakk>\<phi> \<box>\<rightarrow> \<psi>\<rbrakk>w\<close>
shows \<open>\<lbrakk>\<phi> \<rightarrow> \<psi>\<rbrakk>w\<close>
using assms using weakly_centered_spheres by auto
\<comment>\<open>first sentence of page 31\<close>
lemma (in counterfactuals_centered) centered_trivial_inner_modalities:
\<open>(\<lbrakk>\<box>\<bullet>\<phi>\<rbrakk>w) = \<lbrakk>\<phi>\<rbrakk>w\<close>
......@@ -589,6 +610,8 @@ lemma (in counterfactuals_centered) centered_trivial_inner_modalities:
using conditional_collapse_for_actual_antecedent_general is_true_at.simps(3)
by blast+
subsection \<open>Counterfactual inference patterns and fallacies (\<section> 1.8)\<close>
text \<open>The Counterfactual Fallacies (\<section> 1.8) cannot really be rendered in Isabelle's locale framework,
as there are instantiations where they are not fallacious. However, the fallacy of transitivity
is already present in the But-if-party example, @{thm party_example.fallacy_of_transitivity}.\<close>
......@@ -641,7 +664,16 @@ lemma (in counterfactuals) counterfactual_inference_by_weakening_the_consequent:
shows \<open>\<lbrakk>\<chi> \<box>\<rightarrow> \<psi>\<rbrakk>w\<close>
using assms by auto
text \<open>TODO: continue discussion of \<section> 1.8 at fallacy of contraposition\<close>
\<comment>\<open>Page 36 states that the following modus tollens for counterfactuals is valid.
The remark fails to mention that this is only the case assuming (at least weak)
centering of the spheres. (The other inference patterns do not rely on this
lemma (in counterfactuals_weakly_centered) counterfactual_modus_tollens:
assumes \<open>\<lbrakk>\<phi> \<box>\<rightarrow> \<psi>\<rbrakk>w\<close> \<open>\<lbrakk>~~\<psi>\<rbrakk>w\<close>
shows \<open>\<lbrakk>~~\<phi>\<rbrakk>w\<close>
using assms counterfactual_implies_material_conditional
by (meson is_true_at.simps(3))
context counterfactuals
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