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......@@ -8,20 +8,21 @@ exit 0 #to catch stupid people
echo "beagle123" > /etc/hostname
echo " beagle123" >> /etc/hosts
sudo useradd rbolab -m --password 'robo0909*'
sudo adduser rbolab adm
sudo adduser rbolab sudo
sudo adduser rbolab kmem
sudo adduser rbolab dialout
sudo adduser rbolab video
sudo adduser rbolab plugdev
sudo adduser rbolab users
sudo adduser rbolab netdev
sudo adduser rbolab i2c
sudo adduser rbolab spi
sudo adduser rbolab systemd-journal
sudo adduser rbolab weston-launch
sudo adduser rbolab xenomai
sudo useradd $NEWUSER -m --password 'temppwd'
sudo adduser $NEWUSER adm
sudo adduser $NEWUSER sudo
sudo adduser $NEWUSER kmem
sudo adduser $NEWUSER dialout
sudo adduser $NEWUSER video
sudo adduser $NEWUSER plugdev
sudo adduser $NEWUSER users
sudo adduser $NEWUSER netdev
sudo adduser $NEWUSER i2c
sudo adduser $NEWUSER spi
sudo adduser $NEWUSER systemd-journal
sudo adduser $NEWUSER weston-launch
sudo adduser $NEWUSER xenomai
#NOW reboot and reconnect as rbolab user
......@@ -44,14 +45,10 @@ sudo apt-get install python-scipy ipython python-qt4
#configure the time server
echo "server" >> /etc/chrony/chrony.conf
# first check which kernel is installed with
uname -a
#and add the -rt- infix. example:
sudo apt-get install linux-image-4.3.3-bone16
#now reboot. It is needed for the next step!
# Check whether /boot/uEnv.txt has HDMI disabled (keep eMMC enabled!)
mkdir git; cd git
......@@ -74,26 +71,6 @@ git clone
# clone Robert Nelsons devicetree rebuilder repository
# we want the am335x-boneblack-emmc-overlay.dtb devicetree file which includes emmc but no hdmi configuration, leaving those pins in default gpio mode
# make sure you select the correct branch according to the kernel running:
git clone -b 4.1.x
cd dtb-rebuilder
# compile devicetree blobs and install them into /boot/dtbs:
make && sudo make install
cd ..
# set the devicetree blob to use when booting. Make sure that is correct or you have to reflash
#for simplicity: copy the whole boot settings:
sudo cp /boot/uEnv.txt /boot/uEnv.txt.dist
sudo cp pneumaticbox-airserver/files/boot/uEnv.txt /boot/uEnv.txt
# Install config-pin utility, which helps to reconfigure/test gpio config
......@@ -101,19 +78,19 @@ git clone
#install the python client library:
git clone
cd python-pneumaticbox
sudo python install
cd git/airserver
cd git/pneumaticbox-airserver
make && sudo make install
#install upstart scripts to start the airserver automatically (for ubuntu < 15.04)
cp files/etc/init/* /etc/init
#TODO: configure sudoers to allow boot/halt/reboot and starting/stoping airserver
sudo reboot
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