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......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ This repository contains code to use deep learning models, pre-trained on the [B
* The definitions of ResNet and VGG models are based on their TensorFlow-Slim implementations. Thus, you need to first download the `nets` folder of [TensorFlow-Slim repository]( to the root folder.
* The `` script from [here]( generates `TFRecord` files for train, validation and test sets from the BigEarthNet archive. To train or evaluate any model, required TFRecord files should be first prepared.
* Config files of each model, which was used to train corresponding model, are given under `configs` folder. If you want to use those config files, you need to download pre-trained model weights and move to the folders (whose paths are written in the corresponding JSON file).
* TensorFlow package should be installed. All codes are tested with Python 2.7, TensorFlow 1.3 and Ubuntu 16.04.
## Training
The script `` expects a `JSON` configuration file path as a comand line argument. This file contains the following parameters:
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